Boat Safari

  1. The boat safari in Sundarban is different from any other safari. It is an adventure that lasts a lifetime. Enjoy the beauty of the Sundarban floating on the waters of the delta. The beauty of the mangrove forest, its flora and fauna are best experienced from our luxurious boats.

Bird Watching

A fascinating hobby, bird watching makes you one with nature. And what better place to go ‘birding’ than the Sundar ban. More than 270 species of birds have made the delta their home. Not only will you get some beautiful clicks to gloat about, you will also love the experience.

Nature Walk

The crowded city roads often make us tired. Here is your chance to get rid of your exhaustion. The nature walks in Sundar ban are quite an experience. It not only calms you, it restores your energy with every step you take. Take our amazing Nature Walks and be one with nature. Find your inner peace and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Local Folk Dance

The Adivasi dance forms like Tusu and Jhumur will definitely make you groove to its drum beats. And if the backdrop is the mangrove forest of the Sundarban. it just got better. Enjoy and put your happy feet forward with the melodious music.

Banabibi Drama Show

This popular performance ritual is practiced in the Sundarbans as an ode to Bana BiBi. The reigning deity to the forests, in which Bana Bibi’s varied adventures in the land of tides is acted out the traditional performance is Sundarbans’s most emblematic performance ritual. remember to catch the act for some unusual clicks.

Camp Fire

Imagine sitting outdoors around a fire, with the forest as your backdrop. The strums of your guitar accompanied by a natural music of the sound of the forest in the background. Is there a better adventure? Enjoy this lifetime experience in the wilderness of the Sundarbans.